Nothing so much great without trying the new Mini games, that now is very much developing both in quality of graphic and features. As a game and player, there must be different satisfaction to choose which game will be good enough to play. It is worth to take your leisure time and does not lead you to be boring. In this case, this article contains some review that you might like to read about the mini game.

There are all modern and there must be something amusing when you play it in good control. The review of the games might be divided on two types of games. They are the ones which played using android, and played using the console. To play it in your leisure time, you might choose which one suits you the most. You can also use android for the handiest access that is not hard to do.

Enjoying cute and challenging war will be very much amusing, since Plants vs Zombies 2 were created. Many improvements can be seen in this game especially for those who love mini game.

There are variations to play with new plants in different capabilities. You might like the story too since the crazy man always lead you to another story. This game has been also available to play in android. If you prefer console gaming with your android, now is the time for the real game in chase.

You are recommended to play the Mini games, coming from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It is very much great in graphic and operation so that your touchscreen has already been your perfect console too. Many things you can do in this game. It includes recruiting gang members, shooting the enemies, and many other else.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

It must be a good game especially for boys who love the classic shooting games. This one will more satisfying in much upgraded version in features. The next one is about racing game.

Says who the racing game will never stand for long time today? Instead, racing car games will never get the absence of gaming area including in your android. You can try the Asphalt 8: Airborne for the best taste of driving. In this game you have a chance to gain much stuff from the barrel on the arena.

Asphalt 8

For those who like console game in fantasy genre, lets try Horizon Zero Down. What you can feel from the game is very much different. The characters are really great to handle enemies in their own ability.

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You might also train yourself as a player to use the weapon well in the case of making strategies to defeat your rival. This combat game never goes boring since you might get good and interactive audio visual in it. The games are very much agreed to play for the sake of combating game satisfaction. So, from all recommendation above, you can see which one the best Mini games for you and worth to play in your leisure time for sure.