There is nothing so much fun except playing your favorite Mini games in your leisure or boring time. It must be more interesting if we and our friends can play it using the right gadget such as android or even tablet.

If you like the classic mini game which is played in console, you may also spare your time to make it. Since the handiest access is using your android, many people today turn to prefer this game to the console one. But, it does not mean the game console will have no longer players to play.

Both games above have its improvement today. It can be seen on how that audio and visual of the game become so much sophisticated. But, to know which games are recommended to play, lets see more on the explanation below and you will see yourself to play it later.

The first review on Mini games will be the games which can be played in your android. It includes the Iron Marines, which is very much great to play. It is a war game that makes you defending the attack from your enemies.

This game set is in multiple planets. There are many options to play in it so that you can play more than one game. You can see the interesting part is in their attributes and weapon, including the set of tower and the choices of the hero.

The Walking Dead: March to War

If you like fighting with zombie, you may also try The Walking Dead: March to War. Surely, you can guess what you need to do in this game. It is also the mobile strategy games which can be play in any variation you like.

It must be also challenging since you and need to defeat those who are thirsty of the blood. Another game which is also very much sophisticated to play is Football Manager Mobile 2017.

It can be concluded as the new one in new appearance. You can set the game with managing some football clubs to play in the league. There is also the ability control which will help you a lot to play the game more satisfying.

If you are the game console lovers, it means you need another recommendation to know. The first recommendation will be Deus EX: Mankind Divided. This game will be great. It is not only because the features inside the game, but also the voice acting coming from the characters is also interesting.

This is also a game that asks you to defeat the enemies by your weapons. Kingdoms and Castles is also the type of game that you are looking for. It is more like the SimCity but you need to deal with some problems inside to play the game. The graphic of the game is very much great.

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You might play this game in your spare time. But, if you ask something more challenging that is hard to beat, lets see Nex Machina Mini games. You will have the twin stick shooter with brilliant move and features to try.