Having fun will be simply done using your own gadget today. It is proven since you can reach and access many apps today using your smartphone. As a recommendation, spending your time with some Mini games will never be boring.

Moreover, the access might be quick and easy since you only need to open your smartphone right now. Before we jump to the type of mini games you might to choose, the special part of playing mini games is when you get more than a game in an app.

There must be no boring session since you can find out what games to be played based in your mood. If the mini games used to play by console, today you can easily find it by your own android or smartphone. This is much better for easy entertainment access. So, what games which are very much suggested to play? Lets see some review here so that you might choose the best

The first mini game which will be your choice is the Final Freeway 2R. It is a racing car game that will be good to install and play in your android. This game also seems like you are playing the modern type of SEGAs racing car. What you need to know from this game is the sensation of the music.

Final Freeway 2R

You can get the adrenaline of playing this racing car since it is supported by the rock music. There is also the button control to operate. It can make the game can be played easier as well. Another mini game for with the theme of sport is the Super Stickman Golf 3. It is as fun and good in appearance as the Angry Bird game. You might get a better experience to play golf whether for single player or multi player.

This game is included to top Mini games which are also recommended for Apple iPhone. Move to another game, if you like basketball, Dunkers Basketball Madness is a perfect choice. You might get the sense of amusements since the game has some cartoon characters to play the basket ball. This game asks you to lead your glory by having more points to compete with your opponents before it takes you down.

Super Stickman Golf 3

If you prefer a game with console control, there are also some recommendations for you. The Battlefield One can be your perfect choice to have as a mini game in high quality audio visual. This game matches those who like the war games which ask you to defeat you enemy by shooting them. This game also asks you to play with a squad. It must be more interesting to try since you can handle the enemies with more backup and better weapons.

So, the choices are available. It is up to you to choose which one become your perfect Mini games using the android or even the console. For the better options to play, you can also read some descriptions of game and the other review to compare.