At, you can find satisfying solutions for the time when you get stuck at mini games you are currently playing. understands that perhaps the games have gotten the best of you, leading to you feeling frustrated for not being able to advance through the gameplay and at the same time unable to leave the games be without solving the problems.

Mario Free For All Mini Games gets that itch you feel and is here to lend you a hand. And before you take this as nonsense and decide to do it all over again on your own, know that it would make you even more frustrated.

Our writer and our friends in also understands that as a gamer you probably find it a little undignified to receive help from others and that it might reduce the value you assign to yourself as an avid gamer.

But there is no judgment here, really. We also loves playing mini games and while they are not as extravagant as all other big-names, they are surely entertaining in their own way.

The engaging point of a mini game is that it can at times trap you within its simplicity and simplicity can be the most dangerous trap you ever get into. You start the game expecting some simple gameplay and before long you are faced with a problem that seems unsolvable even to the greatest mind on earth.

So our blog is here to offer you a guide because has been there and done that. Tips and tricks to advance a level are provided for free; bookmark on your browser today for you never know when to expect getting trapped in the puzzle.

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Get in touch with fellow mini games-lovers on and trade info regarding how to solve some problems you guys may encounter while playing the mini games.

Good Things to Play Mini Games
Car games Fighting games Mini Games Racing Games

Good Things to Play Mini Games

Playing mini game can be so interesting. mini games do not need long durations to play. The games are made so it can be finished quite quickly. Although these games do not need long time to complete them, it does not mean that the games are not interesting. In fact, the games are designed for players who do not want to spend many hours just for playing a game. These games are dedicated for gamers who want to get instant games, where they only need less than 5 hours to complete the games. These can be good solutions for gamers who need refreshing while they are so confused in finishing the game and need to take a break. This will be great break for gamers. They may take a break, but they do not need to stop playing. It is like killing two birds with a stone.

Good Things to Play Mini GamesIn this case, of course mini games are not only dedicated for gamers to take a break. These games are also made for people who want to play games but they do not have enough time for playing the games. With the mini games, they can always get entertained without spending hours in front of the screen of computer or game consoles. There are actually many kinds of mini games. Some games are made in simple design and game play. There are many puzzle games that can be called as the mini games. The games are easy to play and each stage of the games can be finished in less than 5 minutes.

Of course, the games are made short, but the games have its own difficulties. Its difficulty may varies based on the stages of the game, so it can also be possible to find games with hard difficulty. That is why it is wrong to call mini games as easy games. They are simple, but they are not easy to complete. That is why the mini games are still good enough for players and other gamers to play.

Good Choice of Mini Games
Fighting games Kid games Mini Games

Good Choice of Mini Games

There are many interesting games to play. If you want to play games, you can choose what you want. In this case, various games are ready to play and you can find them in many consoles. There are also games ready to play in PC. In this case, there are also many mini games when you want to play games that do not need long duration of game play. Many mini games are designed and developed so the games can be finished quickly. Mostly, mini games can be completed in less than 5 hours, so it is not necessary to play the games for days. Of course, players can also replay the games many times as they want to.

Mini games are interesting. Although the games are called mini, it does not mean that the games are just simple games for kids. The games are called mini because of its duration needed to complete the game. It does not have any correlation to its difficulty level. Even, there are many mini games that have difficult game play and it will not be easy to complete. That is why it is wrong if people look down at this game. There are also some mini games that have great effects, both for the visual and audio.

Good Choice of Mini GamesOne of the great mini game to play is Mortal Kombat X. This is one of the great games. Even, this is one of the famous game. Series of Mortal Kombat has become so legendary and this has existed since the early era of PlayStation. That is why this game is so famous. Even there are films taken adapted from the game. In this case, Mortal Kombat X is categorized as great mini games. The game can be played in made modes. The players can also play the game by following the story. The game is great seen from its effects, story, and other aspects. Of course, this is called as one of the best mini games to play.


Some Good Reference of Mini Games
Mini Games War games

Some Good Reference of Mini Games

Playing mini game can be great idea to get entertained. Mini games are great to choose since the mini games can be played quickly. Compared to the other complicated or sophisticated games, this game can be completed fast. Usually, the game will end in less than 5 hours. Of course, this does not mean that the game has no story or other great things. Nowadays, there are many mini games supported by great animation and sound effects to make the players of the game find excitement in playing the games. Surely, this can be great alterative to break the boredom or get refreshed. In this case, there are many mini games to play. Some of the mini games are part of the complete games, so it is included in the packages of game. There are also some mini games that are not part of the other game.

It is true that playing games with long story and missions can be challenging. There can be many great things to find. However, there can also be boredom and even impatience when the game is getting harder and it is more difficult to complete the stage. In this case, mini games can be great choice. There are many mini games and Limbo can great option. Limbo is game that can be played in many consoles. This game may not be kind of game with great effect of graphic, but it has great story. The appearance may look simple, but it is not as simple as what people think. This game is interesting and there are challenges to defeat in order to finish the game. This game can be finished in around 5 hours. It will not take too much time and this is interesting.

Some Good Reference of Mini GamesThen, there is also Mortal Kombat X that can be chosen. This has become one of the legendary game in the world. This has got many series and in the Mortal Kombat X, there is a mini game that can be played. Usually, people choose this game fight against other player. However, this game also has adventure game that can be played. This adventure will be really useful to beat the stress and depression since player can express their anger and boredom by completing each stage and beating down all of the enemies. Of course, it is great to get fatality, the famous word in this game. Surely, these two games can be great choice of short and mini games that can provide excitement.

Recommended Mini Game for Gamers
Adventure games Mini Games New Games Strategy games War games

Recommended Mini Game for Gamers

Talking about mini games, there are actually many mini games nowadays. In this case, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes can be good example of this mini games. Of course, many gamers must have been so familiar with the name of this game. Metal Gear Solid has become one of the popular action and RPG games. The game provides great adventure and Metal Gear Solid has released many series. Even, this games has existed since the era of PlayStation 2, and this still exists until PlayStation 4. This Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes become one of the new series of this legendary game.

Recommended Mini Game for Gamers As the other Metal Gear Solid series, this game is also interesting. The effect of this game is great. Its visual and audio effects are great to make the gamers feel the excitement of this game. About the mission, the player needs to save prisoner. In this case, this will not be easy mission and Metal Gear Solid never gives easy mission. The player will need to use the best method to survive and save the prisoner. In this case, all kinds of method are possible to use, so it is free to use any possible ways and methods to use. This can be best stealth game to play.

Although it is considered as the mini game, it does not mean that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes are simple and easy game. This is game to play in PlayStation 4 and this is absolutely interesting to play. This game is called as mini game because it can be completed in around 3 hours, but its difficulties and effects are as great as other great games. That is why it is one of the recommended games to play for all gamers who want to play interesting games without spending whole weeks just for a game.

Kid games Mini Games Racing Games Sports Games Strategy games

Recommendation of Mini Games

Recommendation of Mini Games Playing game is great idea to get refreshed. There are many kinds of games to try and you have thousands of choice to take. In this case, if you are persons who do not like to spend whole days or whole weeks just for playing games, then mini games can be great idea to try. There are many mini games and most of the mini games can be finished in less than 5 hours. Of course, this will be great idea when you are bored and you cannot focus on your jobs. You can spend your free time to get refreshed by playing mini games and you will get entertained by the games.

Although it is called mini games, it does not mean that the game does not have story. There are some great mini games and they are not just shooting or racing games. It is true that shooting games can be great games to play and there are many mini shooting games. However, sometimes people need more than shooting games and they need better story, so they can play while enjoying and taking part in the game. That is why racing and other sport games may not be good to play. Moreover, people also want to get better animation and sound effect, and maybe you are also one of these people. That is why you need mini games with great story.

Recommendation of Mini Game

In this case, Inside can be great choice. Inside is game to play in PS4, Xbox and also PC. This game is interesting although this is mini game that can be finished in around two hours. It is quite short, but you will get entertained by the story. In this game, you will play a character and you are looking for person that have made you a prisoner. You will try to find the people in a form of short adventure. In the game, you will find more than just a story of pursuing someone that have accused you. You can also get other things and these make the game so interesting to play. The game is also designed well although it is just for around 3-hours playing. The game has good animation and creepy concept that will make you feel the character. Then, there are also good audio and sound effect. Surely, this is mini game that you should play. You will get many things in just around 3 hours, and even you may also want to play this game more and more.

The Most Recommended Mini Games in 2018
3d games Adventure games

The Most Recommended Mini Games in 2018

Mini games can be defined as one of the awesome things that many people really love in this digital era. This kind of platform will be able to offer you the distinctive entertainment that will definitely excite you in the best way. Aside of that, you can also feel the authentic experiences which seem so real every time you play the games. So then, no wonder if you can get so addicted to it especially once you have successfully conquered a challenge. Well, the best thing about mini games is that there are so many wonderful new games that are so recommended for you to play in 2018. So, do you really want to find out what those games are? If you do, you better keep reading below just like what players of Nontonfilm88 do.
Here are so many options of the most recommended mini games in 2018 that you have to add to your collection. Some of them are like: One of the various games you have to play in 2018 is Overwatch. This particular cool game will definitely be one of the best online shooting games you cannot wait to play. It has so many numerous characters that are so colorful and attractive. So then, you can select which character that you want to control to reach the victory, which can be ninja, cowboy, a robot, and so many more. So, it is clear that this game will never make you get bored so easily. In the other hand, you will always feel entertained once you have got involved on the game. Furthermore, the other recommended mini game for you is Monster Hunter World. This specific game, which will be released on January, 26th 2018, is suitable for your Personal Computer, PlayStation4, and Xbox One. It will absolutely make you feel the fabulous and fun experiences as you slay the giant bad guys. Then, you can also loot any weapons from the corpses and make them yours, so that you can use them to kill the worse and bigger enemies on the higher level.
After putting it all together, those are some of the most recommended mini games in 2018 that you better never miss at all. Each of them will make you get the exciting impression whenever you play them during your leisure time. So, it will always be a very nice idea for you to play those games whether you play it alone or with your friends.

What Arcade Games You Need to Know
Adventure games Basketball Games Billiard Games Football Games Funny games Games for two players Mini Games

What Arcade Games You Need to Know

Do you like playing game? If yes you do, what kind of game you like playing most? Perhaps your answer is one of the software games you can play on your mobile phone, right? Nowadays, if you want to play the game, you just have to download it on your mobile phone and you can freely to choose what kind of game you would like to play and after that you can play it on your mobile phone every time you want it.

For the latest generation, they will have no idea about what how fun to play on the arcade games. This day, to play this kind of games are getting hard because some playing game places prefer to move up their business to the other business which this day is more beneficial.

Do you want to know what the arcade games are? The arcade games is the physical game with many various sizes and shapes and it requires the coin if you want to play it. If you would like to know about the shapes of the game itself, you can see it on the internet or if you have seen the Wreck It Ralph movies, the game that is played with the children is the arcade game.

The shape is more likely the casino but this is a game. In the past, if the children wanted to play the game, they would come to the playing game places and spent their money to play this game with their friends in laugh. There were many places you can find easily which offer you this kind of arcade games at that time. However, this game has its own golden age between mid 1980 up to early 1990. Nowadays, this game has been replaced with more modern games which make the player can play the games toward its mobile phone without paying out their money to play it.

They are freely to play whenever they want and wherever they are. They don’t need to find the playing game places first to play it. They also can freely to play how many hours they want without worrying whether they can run out of money or not.

The advanced technology forces the arcade game is getting rare because there are many playing game places prefer to close the business and start over another one. Even if you get hard to find this kind of game but you can still play it, right? Usually, in some supermarket which offers you the playing game corner, there will be the arcade games on it.

You just have to buy the coin or you should buy the card for the access to play this game. Even if the arcade game you will see this day and the arcade game in the past are slightly different, but you still can play the modern game by playing on the classic game. It will make you feel nostalgic while playing the modern arcade game as what you played it in the past.


See Some Reviews On Mini Games Which Worth To Play
3d games Adventure games New Games Online games Sports Games Strategy games

See Some Reviews On Mini Games Which Worth To Play

Nothing so much great without trying the new Mini games, that now is very much developing both in quality of graphic and features. As a game and player, there must be different satisfaction to choose which game will be good enough to play. It is worth to take your leisure time and does not lead you to be boring. In this case, this article contains some review that you might like to read about the mini game.

There are all modern and there must be something amusing when you play it in good control. The review of the games might be divided on two types of games. They are the ones which played using android, and played using the console. To play it in your leisure time, you might choose which one suits you the most. You can also use android for the handiest access that is not hard to do.

Enjoying cute and challenging war will be very much amusing, since Plants vs Zombies 2 were created. Many improvements can be seen in this game especially for those who love mini game.

There are variations to play with new plants in different capabilities. You might like the story too since the crazy man always lead you to another story. This game has been also available to play in android. If you prefer console gaming with your android, now is the time for the real game in chase.

You are recommended to play the Mini games, coming from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It is very much great in graphic and operation so that your touchscreen has already been your perfect console too. Many things you can do in this game. It includes recruiting gang members, shooting the enemies, and many other else.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

It must be a good game especially for boys who love the classic shooting games. This one will more satisfying in much upgraded version in features. The next one is about racing game.

Says who the racing game will never stand for long time today? Instead, racing car games will never get the absence of gaming area including in your android. You can try the Asphalt 8: Airborne for the best taste of driving. In this game you have a chance to gain much stuff from the barrel on the arena.

Asphalt 8

For those who like console game in fantasy genre, lets try Horizon Zero Down. What you can feel from the game is very much different. The characters are really great to handle enemies in their own ability.

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You might also train yourself as a player to use the weapon well in the case of making strategies to defeat your rival. This combat game never goes boring since you might get good and interactive audio visual in it. The games are very much agreed to play for the sake of combating game satisfaction. So, from all recommendation above, you can see which one the best Mini games for you and worth to play in your leisure time for sure.

Searching New Interesting Mini Games to Play
3d games Adventure games Fighting games Mini Games

Searching New Interesting Mini Games to Play

There is nothing so much fun except playing your favorite Mini games in your leisure or boring time. It must be more interesting if we and our friends can play it using the right gadget such as android or even tablet.

If you like the classic mini game which is played in console, you may also spare your time to make it. Since the handiest access is using your android, many people today turn to prefer this game to the console one. But, it does not mean the game console will have no longer players to play.

Both games above have its improvement today. It can be seen on how that audio and visual of the game become so much sophisticated. But, to know which games are recommended to play, lets see more on the explanation below and you will see yourself to play it later.

The first review on Mini games will be the games which can be played in your android. It includes the Iron Marines, which is very much great to play. It is a war game that makes you defending the attack from your enemies.

This game set is in multiple planets. There are many options to play in it so that you can play more than one game. You can see the interesting part is in their attributes and weapon, including the set of tower and the choices of the hero.

The Walking Dead: March to War

If you like fighting with zombie, you may also try The Walking Dead: March to War. Surely, you can guess what you need to do in this game. It is also the mobile strategy games which can be play in any variation you like.

It must be also challenging since you and need to defeat those who are thirsty of the blood. Another game which is also very much sophisticated to play is Football Manager Mobile 2017.

It can be concluded as the new one in new appearance. You can set the game with managing some football clubs to play in the league. There is also the ability control which will help you a lot to play the game more satisfying.

If you are the game console lovers, it means you need another recommendation to know. The first recommendation will be Deus EX: Mankind Divided. This game will be great. It is not only because the features inside the game, but also the voice acting coming from the characters is also interesting.

This is also a game that asks you to defeat the enemies by your weapons. Kingdoms and Castles is also the type of game that you are looking for. It is more like the SimCity but you need to deal with some problems inside to play the game. The graphic of the game is very much great.

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You might play this game in your spare time. But, if you ask something more challenging that is hard to beat, lets see Nex Machina Mini games. You will have the twin stick shooter with brilliant move and features to try.


A Short Review of Some Mini Games to Play
3d games Adventure games Basketball Games Golf Games Racing Games Sports Games War games

A Short Review of Some Mini Games to Play

Having fun will be simply done using your own gadget today. It is proven since you can reach and access many apps today using your smartphone. As a recommendation, spending your time with some Mini games will never be boring.

Moreover, the access might be quick and easy since you only need to open your smartphone right now. Before we jump to the type of mini games you might to choose, the special part of playing mini games is when you get more than a game in an app.

There must be no boring session since you can find out what games to be played based in your mood. If the mini games used to play by console, today you can easily find it by your own android or smartphone. This is much better for easy entertainment access. So, what games which are very much suggested to play? Lets see some review here so that you might choose the best

The first mini game which will be your choice is the Final Freeway 2R. It is a racing car game that will be good to install and play in your android. This game also seems like you are playing the modern type of SEGAs racing car. What you need to know from this game is the sensation of the music.

Final Freeway 2R

You can get the adrenaline of playing this racing car since it is supported by the rock music. There is also the button control to operate. It can make the game can be played easier as well. Another mini game for with the theme of sport is the Super Stickman Golf 3. It is as fun and good in appearance as the Angry Bird game. You might get a better experience to play golf whether for single player or multi player.

This game is included to top Mini games which are also recommended for Apple iPhone. Move to another game, if you like basketball, Dunkers Basketball Madness is a perfect choice. You might get the sense of amusements since the game has some cartoon characters to play the basket ball. This game asks you to lead your glory by having more points to compete with your opponents before it takes you down.

Super Stickman Golf 3

If you prefer a game with console control, there are also some recommendations for you. The Battlefield One can be your perfect choice to have as a mini game in high quality audio visual. This game matches those who like the war games which ask you to defeat you enemy by shooting them. This game also asks you to play with a squad. It must be more interesting to try since you can handle the enemies with more backup and better weapons.

So, the choices are available. It is up to you to choose which one become your perfect Mini games using the android or even the console. For the better options to play, you can also read some descriptions of game and the other review to compare.